Updated TCRC Bylaws

Published: October 29th 2012

As amended at the 2010 TCRC National Convention
This is to inform you that we have recently completed an initial printing of the updated TCRC Bylaws, as amended at the 2010 TCRC National Convention.

Attached is an electronic copy of these Bylaws for your offices and files. You may also access them in both official languages through our website where they are posted under the 2010 National Convention section. You will note the Convention Minutes are also posted there.

Please advise Ms. L. Robillard at the National Office as to the number of paper copies you require within your Division including the number of French and/or English copies should it be necessary. Twenty (20) copies will be sent to you for your further distribution within the Division.

Rex A. Beatty
President - TCRC
bullet TCRC bylaws - Revised 2010