CN Personal Leave Days

Friday October 13, 2023
To All CN Division Presidents, Local Chairs and Legislative Representatives,

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

CN has advised the Union that it will be denying employees the ability of not accepting a call for duty if such call would not have the employee back in time to commence their personal leave as scheduled (Pre-Leave).

It is the position of the Union that this violates the intent and proper application of all collective agreements for which personal leave days are identified. We are not taking this action of the company lightly.

We will be fighting these violations via various avenues including arbitration in the near future and filing a complaint with the Canada Industrial Relations Board. Arbitration has been requested to be scheduled next month and the National Office has our legal counsel preparing the board complaint.

In the meantime, it is extremely important that you keep a record and notify your local chair of all incidences whereby you have been denied your original scheduled leave day to assist us with our actions to address this issue.

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In solidarity.

Alain Gatien
Jim Lennie
Ray Donegan
Jean-Michel Hallé
Mark Kernaghan
KC James

Paul Boucher
Don Ashley