Railway Declared Emergency Report

The National Legislative Board has undertaken the initiative to provide members with a form to be used to document all occurrences where railways have “declared an emergency.”

In an effort to document these occurrences the National Legislative Board has made this form available to members for use when such occurrences take place to provide an accurate record of the event as it transpired.

We ask that members complete this form during or as soon as possible after the event has transpired. Copies of this report should be forwarded to the National Office so that these reports can be reviewed, investigated and acted upon.

The National Legislative Board will contact all members involved and investigate each occurrence. Records of these occurrences will be kept on file in the National Office. We urge all members to actively participate in this important endeavour.

bullet Fill out the form and send online...
bullet Download hard copy...

Please send completed hard copies to the National Legislative Board - Teamsters Canada Rail Conference - Fax (613) - 235-1069