Legislative Resources

This department is responsible to protect and advance the interests of the members of the Rail Conference in handling of all matters relating to legislation and / or regulations made by the Parliament of Canada and / or the Provincial Legislatures and / or any regulatory body created by those legislative assemblies.

The National Legislative Director is headquartered in the national office in Ottawa. Provincial Legislative Boards are located in the provinces of New Brunswick, Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta. These provinces have elected Chairman who along with the National Director form the National Legislative Board.

Legislative Boards

bullet National Legislative Board
bullet Provincial Legislative Boards

Legislative Updates

bullet RAC Train Brake Rules - Amended with 90 CFM
bullet Track Safety Rules - Revisions Approved

Document It!
We urge all members to actively participate in this important endeavour.

bullet Distributed power survey
bullet Reporting Air Brake Problems
bullet Inaccurate line-up report
bullet Railway declared emergency report
bullet Record of your right to refuse

Your Rights, Health & Safety

bullet CP Health and Safety Escalation process
bullet CN Health and Safety Escalation process
bullet Your right to refuse dangerous work
bullet What is Bill C-45?
bullet The horror of Westray
bullet National Day of Mourning for workers killed and injured on the job
bullet Canada Labour Code
bullet What occupational health and safety agency covers my workplace?
bullet Biomechanics of walking on railroad ballast
bullet Deadheading by taxi during hazardous weather
bullet Extreme hot or cold temperature conditions
bullet Heat stress awareness guide
bullet Cold weather workers safety guide
bullet Exhaust from rail diesel linked to lung ailments
bullet Questions and answers on bottled water

Railway Fatigue

bullet Fatigue and railway life
bullet Work/Rest Rules
bullet BLET reference manual of railroad worker fatigue
bullet BLET fatigue fact sheet

Railway Legislation

bullet Acts, Regulations, Rules, Orders & Circulars


bullet Transport Canada - Rail
bullet Canada Industrial Relations Board
bullet Railway Association of Canada
bullet HRSDC - Labour Canada