Negotiation Update #13

23 November 2019 - Sisters and Brothers, As you may be aware, CN has issued several “labour negotiations updates” over the last few days. While not surprizing, nevertheless we are disappointed someone has resorted to bargaining in public and attempting to create discontent in the Union. Their update is self-serving propaganda. Some actors within CN have a long history of not acting sincere.     

CN underestimated you

It is impressive how determined and active the TCRC membership is, the bargaining committee appreciates the words and messages of support. The employer may have underestimated the level of solidarity and determination within the TCRC. Your efforts are appreciated and as a result our strike is working, there is significant pressure on CN across Canada.

We continue to negotiate in good faith and are meeting with CN in a sincere attempt to negotiate an acceptable agreement. Federal Mediation and Conciliation Officers continue to assist, and we appreciate the Federal Government respecting the process outlined within the Labour Code.

Stay strong and stay safe.

In Solidarity:

R.S. Donegan, General Chairperson
J. Lennie, General Chairperson CTY Central
Alain Gatien, General Chairman CTY-E
J. Hyde, General Chairman