Shelley Moore Retires!

Please join the TCRC National Executive Board in extending best wishes to Shelley Moore, who is retiring from the National Office Staff on July 12th. Shelley has been an esteemed member of the staff for 38+ years, and will be greatly missed by members and colleagues alike. Shelley has been instrumental in ensuring the TCRC’s financial health by serving as its Controller for most of her tenure. The membership has benefited greatly from her contributions, and every administration has found her as an irreplaceable asset in carrying out their duties. Shelley has set a tremendous standard for the National Office and will be sorely missed.

We know you all join us in wishing Shelley well as she starts a new chapter in her interesting life. We know she is eager to travel and wish her great success in the endeavour.

Congratulations Shelley, best wishes and all the best to a happy and healthy retirement.

Congratulations Shelley

Congratulations Shelley!

Congratulations Shelley