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bullet September 6th 2016
CP appoints new directors to Board          
bullet July 29th 2016
Canada needs further rail safety reforms: Editorial         
bullet July 26th 2016
Keystone’s death could mean record oil revival for railways        
bullet July 24th 2016
Ottawa to accelerate tank car phase out        
bullet July 14th 2016
Four unions back Energy East pipeline, citing jobs        
bullet July 12th 2016
Bruce Campbell: Lac-Mégantic is a failure in regulation        
bullet July 6th 2016
CP layoffs: Transport Canada must assume its responsibilities        
bullet July 5th 2016
Former Wellington West adviser fined $100K         
bullet June 27th 2016
CP track worker layoffs pose derailment risks: union        
bullet June 22nd 2016
No one injured in train crash near Lethbridge        
bullet June 17th 2016
Potash exporter Canpotex scraps $775M export terminal        
bullet June 7th 2016
Claude Mongeau to step down from his role leading CN        
bullet June 6th 2016
Laurentian Intercity Bus Drivers on Strike        
bullet May 30th 2016
CP Rail wants to install cameras to monitor train crews       
bullet May 18th 2016
Supreme Court refuses to hear Teamsters case      
bullet May 13th 2016
RCMP investigating derailment near Islay, Alberta     
bullet May 11th 2016
CP Rail train derails east of Saskatoon     
bullet April 20th 2016
CP job losses mount     
bullet April 4th 2016
CP worker died from 'combination of hazardous conditions     
bullet April 1st 2016
Fatigue on the rails: a trainman’s nightmare     
bullet March 22nd 2016
Teamsters Canada Satisfied With Trudeau Budget     
bullet March 16th 2016
Derailment of a CN train near Fort Frances, Ontario     
bullet March 7th 2016
BMWED ON STRIKE on the CP's Delaware & Hudson Railway     
bullet March 1st 2016
Harrison was paid nearly $20-million as stock slipped   
bullet February 26th 2016
CP Rail conductor in Banff derailment to return to work    
bullet February 23rd 2016
Reckless Disregard for Safety of Workers and Public   
bullet February 11th 2016
Worn rail car components contributed derailment   
bullet February 11th 2016
CP trains collide at Scotford Yard  
bullet February 9th 2016
The Great Canadian Pacific Railway Magic Show  
bullet February 4th 2016
CP Rail propane cars collide near Edmonton  
bullet January 19th 2016
Teamsters opposes hostile takeover of Norfolk Southern  
bullet January 18th 2016
Excessive fatigue at CP an 'immediate threat' to rail safety  
bullet December 22nd 2015
Doug Finnson speaks about rail safety with Kirk LaPointe  
bullet December 22nd 2015
Liberals have promised to repeal bill C-377  
bullet December 10th 2015
Thief River Falls Notice of Material Change  
bullet December 8th 2015
Transportation Safety Board probing 'remote controlled' train in Edmonton derailment  
bullet December 7th 2015
Award from Hon George W, Adams Q.C.  
bullet December 4th 2015
CN Exemption / Symington - Denied  
bullet December 4th 2015
Norfolk Southern rejects CP Rail's merger proposal  
bullet December 2nd 2015
Speed, distraction among many factors in bus-train crash  
bullet December 1st 2015
In Memory of Brother Brennen Barr  
bullet November 27th 2015
Quebec government suing CP Rail for damages  
bullet November 19th 2015
Norfolk Southern's chilly response to CP takeover deal 
bullet November 19th 2015
Bombardier signs $1.5B deal with Quebec pension fund
bullet November 18th 2015
BNSF engineer walks away from career over safety concerns
bullet November 11th 2015
Veterans join the initiative to aid the trucking industry
bullet October 5th 2015
Canadians Choose Change
bullet September 11th 2015
In Memory of Brother Mike Camara
bullet August 1st 2015
CP ordered to correct alleged rail safety violation
bullet August 1st 2015
CP dealing with coal train derailment near Sparwood, B.C.
bullet July 31st 2015
CIRB Decision - Union Leave At CP
bullet July 6th 2015
Railways have been successful in lobbying against this because of cost and liability
bullet July 3rd 2015
CP Rail’s notice of intent to withdraw from the CROA  
bullet June 22nd 2015
CP Rail alleged to have breached safety protocols  
bullet June 22nd 2015
Transport Canada raids CP headquarters  
bullet May 28th 2015
TCRC participates in a town hall meeting on rail safety  
bullet May 14th 2015
CP training more office workers in case of strike  
bullet May 11th 2015
State of the Union  
bullet April 24th 2015
Minister Leitch appoints arbitrator  
bullet April 10th 2015
CN conductor lost his life at a Saskatoon rail yard  
bullet March 23rd 2015
CN Rail derailment numbers soared 
bullet March 15th 2015
Investigation progress update - Gogama 
bullet March 12th 2015
Could the Gogama derailment have been prevented? 
bullet March 11th 2015
Gogama derailment: Fix tracks or slow trains down, union says  
bullet March 5th 2015
CP has been found guilty of multiple violations of the Labour Code 
bullet February 25th 2015
Teamsters-represented RTC's Canada ratify new agreement 
bullet February 18th 2015
New railway safety measures 
bullet February 16th 2015
Harper ready to trample on workers’ rights once again 
bullet February 15th 2015
Disappointment In Our Governments Clear Favouritism 
bullet February 15th 2015
Teamsters on strike at Canadian Pacific
bullet February 14th 2015
CN Memorandum of Settlement February 14, 2015
bullet October 28th 2014
Teamsters, CN have reached a tentative agreement
bullet October 28th 2014
In Memory of Brother Ronald Arthur Bennett
bullet October 8th 2014
Railway risks: Volume, infrastructure and fatigue
bullet September  7th 2014
Rail companies fight new rules to prevent crew fatigue
bullet August 22nd 2014
Teamsters’ reaction to the TSB report on Lac-Mégantic
bullet August 17th 2014
TSB recommendations miss the mark
bullet August 7th 2014
Work/Rest Rules for Railway Operating Employees Survey results
bullet August 1st 2014
Derailment of a CN train causing the cancellation of VIA
bullet July 29th 2014
He is mystified as to why Transport Canada granted permission for single-person operations
bullet July 22nd 2014
Union sees CP Rail training program as safety problem
bullet July 17th 2014
CP Rail to fight order to hire back engineer
bullet July 2nd 2014
Are CEOs evaluated for oil-by-rail safety?
bullet June 20th 2014
Arbitration decision renews CN Conductors' agreement
bullet May 26th 2014
Defence Fund Launched for Workers Charged in Lac-Mégantic Tragedy
bullet May 12th 17th 2014
Position of the TCRC – Locomotive Voice and Video Recording (LVVR)
bullet April 30th 2014
Railway Investigation Report R13E0069
bullet April 24th 2014
Emergency Directive
bullet April 30th 2014
Railway Investigation Report R13E0069
bullet April 18th 2014
Liberals vow electrified GO trains that will run every 15 minutes
bullet April 18th 2014
Train derailment west of Sudbury dumped diesel fuel into a creek
bullet April 14th 2014
Government extends subsidy for the ACR passenger rail
bullet April 7th 2014
The GCA, CP East, LE, launches its website.
bullet March 18th 2014
In Memory of Brother Jarrod Ward
bullet April 18th 2014
Train derailment west of Sudbury dumped diesel fuel into a creek
bullet March 17th 2014
Staff & Power Shortage To Blame, Not Weather
bullet March 17th 2014
Transportation Safety Board of Canada Regulations
bullet March 17th 2014
A CN worker is killed at the Taschereau Yard
bullet March 12th 2014
Train derails after hitting semi near Mortlach, Sask.
bullet March 6th 2014
TSB releases analysis of petroleum crude oil samples
bullet February 27th 2014
19th-century contract makes CP “forever free from taxation”
bullet February 14th 2014
Railway Labour Summit Meeting
bullet February 5th 2014
Tentative Agreement reached at CN
bullet February 5th 2014
Strike action could be taken at CN
bullet February 4th 2014
TCRC letter to CN Vice-President, Human Resources
bullet February 3rd 2014
TCRC letter to CN Rail's VP
bullet January 24th 2014
TSB’s recommendations won’t solve the problem
bullet January 24th 2014
Complaint - Against CP Rail - Union Leave & AV

bullet January 27th 2014
CN train derailment in Edmundston, N.B.
bullet January 24th 2014
More GO trains ordered to support continued expansion
bullet January 23rd 2014
TSB and NTSB call on Canadian and U.S. regulators

bullet January 8th 2014
TSB deploys investigators to the site of a CN derailment

bullet December 31st 2013
North Dakota residents to come home after train explosion

bullet December 24th 2013
Dump truck and train collide in Perth

bullet December 20th 2013
Crews put out overnight train fire on Bishop Grandin

bullet December 10th 2013
Federal unions to take legal action against Bill C-4

bullet December 9th 2013
TSB says CN Rail failed to report hundreds of derailments

bullet December 9th 2013
Teamsters call on Teachers' Pension Plan to stop abuse

bullet December 3rd 2013
Runaway trains almost triple the reported rate, CBC finds

bullet November 27th 2013
Our fatigued railway system needs repair, for safety’s sake

bullet November 26th 2013
'Significant weaknesses' found in audit before Lac-Megantic

bullet November 21st 2013
Harper Government putting worker's lives in danger!

bullet November 21st 2013
New rail safety rules get blistering review

bullet November 19th 2013
Railways must share info on dangerous goods with towns

bullet November 19th 2013
CN Rail employee killed in Saskatchewan accident

bullet November 16th 2013
As unions lose power, Canada gets the blue-collar blues

bullet November 11th 2013
GCA requests invite to Ontario Premier Wynne's Ring of Fire

bullet November 5th 2013
Canadian rail safety plans are kept secret from public

bullet November 3rd 2013
CN train derails west of Edmonton

bullet October 31st 2013
RCI’s Wojtek Gwiazda talks to Rex Beatty

bullet October 28th 2013
Harper’s new budget bill puts workers’ lives at risk

bullet October 25th 2013
CN Rail denies whistleblower suit claims

bullet October 24th 2013
CN hiding derailment, falsifying stats, employees allege

bullet October 24th 2013
Whistleblower lawsuit says CN is cooking its books

bullet October 23rd 2013
Evacuation lifted after train derailment in Gainford, Alberta

bullet October 19th 2013
Oil-By-Rail Labelling Rules Tightened

bullet October 19th 2013
'Major risk' after train derailment of cars carrying liquid petroleum gas

bullet October 19th 2013
TSB deploys a team of investigators to a rail accident

bullet October 15th 2013
Ottawa closely monitoring labour dispute at CN Rail

bullet October 14th 2013
CN strike, lockout a possibility as labour talks break down

bullet October 11th 2013
Kelowna Pacific Railway is back on track!

bullet October 8th 2013
Activist investors destroying companies, costing jobs

bullet September 27th 2013
CN used private police force to punish me

bullet September 25th 2013
CN facing allegations it “engaged in criminal conduct”

bullet September 25th 2013
VIA Rail employees have new trauma resources

bullet September 24th 2013
CN derailment in Saskatchewan

bullet September 24th 2013
National rail safety on agenda at Winnipeg meeting

bullet September 23rd 2013
Health and safety are bargaining issues at CN

bullet September 20th 2013
Via was powerless to dodge disaster, veteran engineer says

bullet September 19th 2013
CP gives notice of closure of Locomotive Reliability Centre

bullet September 18th 2013
Collision between a VIA Rail train and an OC Transpo bus in Ottawa

bullet September 17th 2013
Plea Bargain in Vale Mine Deaths Betrays Workers, Families

bullet September 16th 2013
Maternity leave: Teamsters continues the fight

bullet September 13th 2013
Canadian Pacific under fire after derailment

bullet August 19th 2013
Railways boost lobbying in wake of Lac-Megantic crash

bullet August 15th 2013
CP Rail refuses to pay for Lac-Mégantic cleanup

bullet August 2nd 2013
CP Railway ordered to curb noise at Alyth yard

bullet July 29th 2013
Rail safety advocates urge new rules for high-risk cargo

bullet July 23rd 2013
Rex Beatty remitting the $40,000 cheque to the Red Cross representative

bullet July 23rd 2013
Teamsters donate $40,000 to the victims of Lac-Mégantic

bullet July 23rd 2013
New rail safety rules issued after Lac-Megantic disaster

bullet July 19th 2013
BLET Denounce One-Person Train Operations

bullet July 11th 2013
Doug Finnson talks about the derailment in Lac-Megantic

bullet July 10th 2013
Sharon Jobson is hit with a $500,000 lawsuit by CN

bullet July 7th 2013
Train rolls away and derails in Lac-Mégantic, forcing 1,000 from homes

bullet June 28th 2013
CP says safety remains priority despite layoffs and incidents

bullet June 27th 2013
Draft Proposed Bylaws Revisions

bullet June 27th 2013
CP bridge strands fuel-loaded rail cars

bullet June 20th 2013
CP's main routes washed out by flooding

bullet June 17th 2013
Teamsters Canada Convention is sure to deliver!

bullet June 14th 2013
Workplace random alcohol tests rejected by top court

bullet June 13th 2013
CP Rail train derails in spiral tunnels in Yoho National Park

bullet June 12th 2013
How the fatal Aldershot Via train derailment unfolded

bullet June 11th 2013
TSB calls for fundamental changes in wake of 2012 VIA Rail crash near Burlington

bullet June 11th 2013
Teamsters lead the charge on behalf of women

bullet June 7th 2013
Railways to decide whether to install voice recorders

bullet June 3rd 2013
Railway employee fatality in Calgary

bullet June 3rd 2013
Pershing Square Discloses Canadian Pacific Trading Plan

bullet June 2nd 2013
Train derails in bridge collapse near Sudbury, Ont.
bullet May 30th 2013
Via Rail profit triples to $11M
bullet May 30th 2013
Canada Rail Freight Service Bill Passes House, Lebel Says
bullet May 24th 2013
Oil on the rails
bullet May 21st 2013
Train carrying crude oil derails east of Saskatoon
bullet May 2nd 2013
Mike Cormier awarded 2013 Roger Cyr Award
bullet April 25th 2013
Via Rail workers will remain vigilant
bullet April 23rd 2013
Railway Safety Week begins on April 29th thru May 5th
bullet April 23rd 2013
VIA train terror plot suspects to appear in court
bullet April 11th 2013
Canadian government must fix problems at Via Rail
bullet April 3rd 2013
CP Rail says 400 barrels of oil spilled
bullet April 3rd 2013
TSB deploys a team to the site of a derailment
bullet March 28th 2013
CP recognizes CIRB Cease and Desist Order
bullet March 20th 2013
Derailment in Smiths Falls Ontario
bullet March 7th 2013
GCA welcomes Auditor General Review of ONTC divestment
bullet January 25th 2013
Report of the President
bullet February 25th 2013
Update on derailment of VIA Rail Canada Train 92
bullet February 25th 2013
Transport Canada rejects safety recommendation
bullet February 13th 2013
Conquering Kilimanjaro!
bullet February 4th 2013
CN announces settlement with CP on hiring of former CEO
bullet February 4th 2013
Keith Creel appointed President & COO of Canadian Pacific
bullet January 17th 2013
In Memory of Jaimie Jijian
bullet January 14th 2013
Rail blockades, marches & highway shutdowns
bullet January 12th 2013
Sudden death in Regina railway yard under investigation
bullet December 5th 2012
Deb Yedlin - Job cuts at CP
bullet December 5th 2012
Layoffs at CP Rail: The Teamsters Await Details
bullet December 3rd 2012
CN's $2.6M mystery U.S. trips never unloaded biodiesel
bullet November 13th 2012
Canadian Teamsters lend a hand to victims of Hurricane Sandy
bullet October 26th 2012
VIA, CN face possible class-action
bullet October 19th 2012
Order in 29635; TCRC/CP Rail
bullet October 15th 2012
Arbitrator granted extension
bullet October 11th 2012
Combination of Factors Led to July 2011 Derailment in Ontario
bullet September 9th 2012
In Memory of Henry Thiessen
bullet September 7th 2012
Harper government launches the Canadian Rail Research Laboratory
bullet August 27th 2012
"Mr. Bartolucci, It is a Fire Sale"
bullet August 20th 2012
CP’s ‘sweeping’ plan to come in December
bullet August 14th 2012
Train crews face stress after crashes
bullet August 18th 2012
NLD Rob Smith speaks to CBC about crossing accidents
bullet August 14th 2012
Train crews face stress after crashes
bullet August 3rd 2012
Teamsters against Lowe's Takeover Bid for Rona
bullet August 1st 2012
The Mediator has insisted that all talks are confidential
bullet July 30th 2012
More labour woes fpr CP Rail
bullet July 18th 2012
Cease and Desist Order at CP Rail
bullet July 11th 2012
Ohio freight train derails, catches fire
bullet July 9th 2012
Candu engineers, scientists strike in 3 provinces
bullet May 31st 2012
Canadian Pacific workers return to work tomorrow
bullet May 30th 2012
Cullen, Bill C38, CP Rail and weird things sent in the mail
bullet May 30th 2012
Worried Via workers probe officials on rumoured cuts
bullet May 28th 2012
Georgetti slams government for latest back to work legislation
bullet May 28th 2012
TCRC, back to work legislation
bullet May 30th 2012
Bill C-39
bullet May 28th 2012
Teamsters will protest on Parliament Hill
bullet May 27th 2012
The talks at Canadian Pacific are stalled
bullet May 26th 2012
Negotiations continue at Canadian Pacific
bullet May 24th 2012
TCRC president stands behind striking CP workers
bullet May 24th 2012
Letter to Minister Lisa Raitt from CUPE President Paul Moist
bullet February 27th 2012
CN workers ratify a new labour agreement
bullet February 27th 2012
Via Rail train was changing track before derailment
bullet February 26th 2012
Three killed in Via Rail train derailment in Burlington, Ont.
bullet February 24th 2012
Don’t tell us it’s not a class war
bullet February 15th 2012
NTSB: Canadian National failed to warn train before derailment
bullet February 8th 2012
OAS reform needs to be based on facts rather than alarmist fantasy
bullet January 22nd 2012
Train Derails Over Bridge Near Edmonton, Alberta
bullet February 11th 2012
Rival CPR courts ousted CN chief executive
bullet January 20th 2012
Canada May Sell Part of VIA Rail
bullet January 3rd 2012
CP board letter addressed to Mr. Ackman
bullet January 2nd 2012
CEO Compensation In Canada Jumped 27 Per Cent In 2010, CCPA Says
bullet December 30th 2011
Activist investor courting former CN head Hunter Harrison to lead CP
bullet December 20th 2011
James R. Hoffa Memorial Scholarship Fund 2012 -2013
bullet December 20th 2011
2011: An exceptional year!
bullet December 15th 2011
Initiative to Change the TCRC Bylaws
bullet December 15th 2011
RAC Train Brake Rules - Amended with 90 CFM
bullet December 12th 2011
CN and TCRC reach tentative agreement
bullet December 6th 2011
Track Safety Rules - Revisions Approved
bullet October 31st 2011
CP Rail sale ‘unlikely’
bullet October 28th 2011
Harper’s new winning strategy – War on Labour
bullet October 16th 2011
Talking about my generation
bullet October 12th 2011
Are Unions the scapegoats?
bullet October 12th 2011
Harper sets dangerous precedent by siding with employers
bullet October 12th 2011
CUPE condemns attack on workers’ rights
bullet September 30th 2011
Who's over or underpaid?
bullet September 28th 2011
TCRC launches arbitrator training program
bullet September 24th 2011
CN train derails in Pointe Saint Charles
bullet September 23rd 2011
TCRC 660 member Derek Thompson saves passenger’s life
bullet September 21st 2011
Canadians not getting value for corporate tax breaks
bullet September 19th 2011
Ontario Northland and Teamsters Ratify Labour Agreement
bullet August 31st 2011
On Labour Day we ask: what has gone so wrong in Canada
bullet August 31st 2011
BC Rail execs paid $630,000 severance
bullet August 22nd 2011
Teamsters pay tribute to Jack Layton
bullet August 10th 2011
NDP launches "save rail" campaign
bullet August 9th 2011
Boosting unions reduces unemployment
bullet August 4th 2011
Georgetti responds to CFIB attack on public sector workers
bullet July 27th 2011
Union wins UPS negotiation victory
bullet July 26th 2011
Union decline accounts for the rise in wage inequality
bullet July 25th 2011
Higher Revenues, Improved Traffic Keep CN On Track In Q2
bullet July 18th 2011
Pomp, pageantry and unions
bullet July 15th 2011
CN worker was dedicated to helping people with disabilities
bullet July 7th 2011
More than 30 train cars derail east of Regina
bullet July 3rd 2011
Teamster Convention Videos
bullet June 30th 2011
Fire erupts on rail bridge in B.C.
bullet June 27th 2011
Conservative Senator slams back-to-work legislation
bullet June 24th 2011
Tom Handkamer Retires!
bullet June 23rd 2011
Five CN train cars derail in east Edmonton
bullet June 21st 2011
CP train derails near Revelstoke
bullet June 21st 2011
CUPW Still Fighting for a Negotiated Contract
bullet June 17th 2011
Unions rally to support postal workers
bullet June 15th 2011
Ken Georgetti writes Labour Minister Lisa Raitt
bullet June 6th 2011
International Level Crossing Awareness Day
bullet June 6th 2011
Three Good Reasons to Support Postal Workers
bullet June 2nd 2011
Killing political subsidies
bullet June 1st 2011
TCRC Members Ratify Four-Year Contract with Via Rail
bullet May 25th 2011
Restrictions of Labour Rights in Canada
bullet May 24th 2011
NTSB investigating train collision in Union County
bullet May 24th 2011
CN train derailment in Sarnia
bullet May 16th 2011
Railways take aim at unsafe crossings and trespassers
bullet May 14th 2011
A railway to Arctic riches
bullet May 9th 2011
Unions stand up for working Canadians
bullet May 2nd 2011
TCRC Trainman East meet in Niagara Falls
bullet May 1st 2011
CN freight train off the tracks in west Manitoba
bullet April 29th 2011
Conservatives have betrayed Canadians on CPP reform
bullet April 28th 2011
Tentative agreement reached between RTC's and CN
bullet April 15th 2011
Teamsters Reach Tentative Agreement with Bombardier
bullet April 8th 2011
A Tentative Agreement is reached with Via Rail
bullet April 5th 2011
Teamsters applauds potential decrease in credit card rates
bullet April 1st 2011
CIRB Decision (the Cairns Group or the complainants)
bullet March 30th 2011
VIA Rail Negotiations Update
bullet March 30th 2011
GO owner buys rail line between T.O. and Pickering
bullet March 27th 2011
Homes evacuated after derailment near Port Hope
bullet March 25th 2011
Important speech to Canadian Trade Unions
bullet March 25th 2011
Mongeau's pay surged 45 per cent in first year as CN's CEO
bullet March 24th 2011
Ontario Northland partner with OPP
bullet March 24th 2011
Railways fume over coming rule changes
bullet March 23rd 2011
CLC President responds to Finance Minister's Claim
bullet March 22nd 2011
Canadian Unionization numbers increase slightly
bullet March 18th 2011
VIA Train 61 involved in collision with truck near Belleville
bullet March 17th 2011
Bill C-33-An Act to amend the Railway Safety Act
bullet March 15th 2011
Unions don’t cause the problems they’re blamed for
bullet March 14th 2011
CN Rail fined $75,000 after B.C. diesel spill
bullet March 11th 2011
Teamsters Canada Youth Committee – Uniting Youth Coast to Coast
bullet March 9th 2011
Feds subsidizing corporate executive salaries
bullet March 5th 2011
Harris departure raises risk at CP Rail: RBC
bullet February 26th 2011
How long can trains go?
bullet February 17th 2011
CLC pleased that Liberals support improved CPP
bullet February 15th 2011
Handlex workers are on strike
bullet February 14th 2011
CN Rail coal train derailment, Fort Fraser, BC
bullet February 11th 2011
Historic victory of the taxi drivers in Alberta
bullet February 10th 2011
NASA's Aviation Reporting System improves railroad safety
bullet February 9th 2011
TSB Deploys Investigator to Rail Accident near Carmangay
bullet February 5th 2011
CAW reaches deal with CP Rail
bullet January 26th 2011
21 cars derail in CP train accident
bullet January 22nd 2011
CAW serves strike notice at CN Rail
bullet January 21st 2011
CLC files Access to Information request on pensions
bullet January 16th 2011
Thank you for the strong mandate you have provided
bullet January 13th 2011
CN Rail, CP workers vote in favour of strike
bullet January 11th 2011
Rocky Mountaineer workers join the Teamsters
bullet January 3rd 2011
Derailment prompts delays in western Alberta
bullet December 17th 2010
You’re the heart and vital essence of our union!
bullet December 15th 2010
BLET re-elect National President Dennis R. Pierce
bullet December 9th 2010
Bill C-33 Second Reading
bullet December 3rd 2010
D.J. Shewchuk responds to CP's revised personal electronics policy
bullet November 30th 2010
Railways argue against pipeline
bullet November 18th 2010
Rick Mercer's OJT trip
bullet November 17th 2010
Rail closure would help dismantle national dream
bullet November 16th 2010
Rail duopoly needs watchdog: shippers
bullet November 10th 2010
The Teamsters is the most active trade union on the Hill
bullet October 1st 2010
CN CTY ratification vote results
bullet November 8th 2010
Special VIA fares for vets
bullet November 6th 2010
Missing railway spike pinned on prime minister
bullet November 5th 2010
CLC president responds to Statistics Canada job numbers
bullet October 27th 2010
"Poor train marshalling is risky business," TSB warns
bullet October 18th 2010
Train carrying toxic salt derails near Cornwall
bullet October 8th 2010
Train derailment near Bashaw
bullet October 8th 2010
Train derails, area evacuated
bullet October 7th 2010
Tornado derails 28 cars west of Flagstaff
bullet October 5th 2010
Negotiations at CN: A Remarkable Teamwork Effort
bullet October 4th 2010
GO service resumes after Richmond Hill derailment
bullet October 3rd 2010
Tentative agreement with Canadian National Railway
bullet October 3rd 2010
Train derailment north of Edmonton
bullet October 2nd 2010
CN CTY negotiation update
bullet October 2nd 2010
Five hurt in Minnesota head-on collision
bullet October 1st 2010
Tentative agreement at CN
bullet October 1st 2010
TCRC letter to Claude Mongeau
bullet September 29th 2010
Parents have 'right' to turn down job transfers 
bullet September 29th 2010
CN Negotiations Updates 
bullet September 29th 2010
Press conference organized at CN's headquarters  
bullet September 27th 2010
TCRC invites the media to meet CN's negotiation committee 
bullet September 27th 2010
Is CN inevitably heading toward a work stoppage?  
bullet September 24th 2010
Derailment blocks freight traffic west of Montreal 
bullet September 24th 2010
BLET urges FRA to improve cab safety, security  
bullet September 23rd 2010
Edmonton 2010 "Building the Future.” 
bullet September 20th 2010
Canadian Pacific announces a $350 million debt offering  
bullet September 14th 2010
Offers for BC Rail fluctuated wildly, court told  
bullet September 12th 2010
Lacombe families flee as fuel train derails 
bullet September 11th 2010
Canadian rail freight volumes pick up in August 
bullet September 9th 2010
TSB warns of design flaws in deadly train collision  
bullet September 9th 2010
Railway container traffic on the upswing  
bullet September 1st 2010
Labour day has its roots in Canada 
bullet August 28th 2010
CN is provoking its workers to launch a strike  
bullet August 25th 2010
"Faulty Rail Cars Hauling Dangerous Goods," warns the TSB  
bullet August 20th 2010
Five years after disastrous B.C. spill  
bullet August 19th 2010
Simple fixes could keep trains from blocking ambulances  
bullet August 18th 2010
Dozens of CN cars jump the tracks near Fort Saskatchewan
bullet August 9th 2010
Strike by Toronto rail workers averted
bullet August 9th 2010
Toronto rail workers poised to strike
bullet August 5th 2010
Saskatchewan farmer's complaint against CN dismissed
bullet August 3rd 2010
Area sealed off as railway probes train derailment
bullet July 31st 2010
Crown takes over to build link to Pearson airport
bullet July 29th 2010
Northern Quebec Conductors ratify new agreement
bullet July 19th 2010
TCRC Division 320 in Support of Evan Moore

bullet July 19th 2010
Longshoremen: pointless lockout instead of negotiations
bullet July 9th 2010
Good news on jobs undercut by losses in manufacturing
bullet July 8th 2010
CN files $2M lawsuit for dangerous stunt
bullet July 8th 2010
Canadian National may hire 10,000 over 5 years, CEO says
bullet July 7th 2010
Ambulance delays caused by trains not unusual, CP says
bullet July 6th 2010
Freight train hits parked Via train in Jasper
bullet June 30th 2010
CN orders trains to slow down in northern N.B.
bullet June 29th 2010
CN under fire for using CP managers on track rerouting
bullet June 29th 2010
Supreme Court affirms power of tribunals
bullet June 29th 2010
Canadian Pacific Alberta mainline reopens after floods
bullet June 28th 2010
Via Rail strike averted
bullet June 21st 2010
Family alerts train crew to track washout
bullet June 4th 2010
Via Rail to bypass Union Station during G20
bullet June 2nd 2010
Sorrow announces retirement
bullet June 2nd 2010
Railway execs could face jail under tougher safety laws
bullet June 1st 2010
Improvements rail safety
bullet May 29th 2010
MP planning new rail bill for Parliament
bullet May 25th 2010
Former Canadian VP Philip Burke 1921 – 2010
bullet May 19th 2010
Rail plans on collision course
bullet May 12th 2010
CP train derailment near Carstairs
bullet May 12th 2010
CP derailment closes VIA line between Ottawa and Toronto
bullet May 8th 2010
Achieving an effective safety culture
bullet May 6th 2010
TCRC members honour our fallen heroes
bullet May 6th 2010
Teamsters file a complaint against Challenger Motorfreight
bullet May 1st 2010
Suicide-by-rail phenomenon to be studied by university
bullet April 28th 2010
Day of Mourning
bullet April 19th 2010
TCRC 2010 Convention Update
bullet April 14th 2010
Rail crashes horrific for engineers
bullet March 31st 2010
MP demands review after train derails
bullet March 30th 2010
Derailed freight train shuts down GO service at Pickering
bullet March 25th 2010
Teamsters Canada on Parliament Hill
bullet March 18th 2010
Heroic railwayman recipient of bravery medal
bullet March 17th 2010
Teamsters Canada’s YouTube channel is online!
bullet March 17th 2010
Operation of longer, heavier trains
bullet March 16th 2010
Study on train related deaths
bullet March 5th 2010
Playing "chicken" with trains a losing game
bullet March 4th 2010
CPR derailment near Golden, B.C.
bullet March 3rd 2010
Railways customers slam freight service
bullet March 1st 2010
TCRC National Training Program 2010
bullet February 18th 2010
Railway employees deductions
bullet February 15th 2010
FedEx workers join the Teamsters Union!
bullet February 11th 2010
Revised Railway Locomotive Inspection and Safety Rules
bullet February 5th 2010
CN plans $100M move outside city limit
bullet February 3rd 2010
In memory of Brother Richard Dyon
bullet January 28th 2010
Obama rail package could benefit service in Canada
bullet January 28th 2010
Clarification on BR&CF benefits
bullet January 28th 2010
Second man arrested in Alberta train derailment
bullet January 27th 2010
GO unveils all-day trains plan
bullet January 26th 2010
CN Rail fined for dangerous cargo in Surrey
bullet January 26th 2010
Rail tunnel project gets rolling
bullet January 26th 2010
Clean-up continues after derailment
bullet January 21st 2010
BHP plan signals major shift in potash
bullet January 15th 2010
TCRC mourns for the loss of Brother Michael Chiarelli
bullet January 12th 2010
Brother Michael Chiarelli April 13, 1967 – January 12, 2010
bullet January 12th 2010
Fallen Brother
bullet January 12th 2010
Two men charged in Sherwood Park train derailment
bullet January 8th 2010
Almost 600 new members join the Teamsters Union
bullet January 8th 2010
Next budget must stress good jobs
bullet January 8th 2010
Passenger rights may herald service
bullet January 7th 2010
Looking for a new railway operator
bullet December 31st 2009
CN over, CPR under grain revenue caps: CTA
bullet December 30th 2009
Canada's railways hope for better results in 2010
bullet December 19th 2009
Minister of Labour appoints arbitrator in CN dispute
bullet December 18th 2009
RailAmerica announces termination of OVR lease with CP
bullet December 17th 2009
Train-hopper tells chilling story
bullet December 17th 2009
ONTC workers worry about future
bullet December 15th 2009
Trains go off tracks in Saskatchewan and Alberta
bullet December 15th 2009
Metrolinx buys Toronto-Barrie CN rail line
bullet December 14th 2009
Work schedules and sleep patterns of railroad train and engine service workers
bullet December 13th 2009
CN Rail, TCRC seek arbitration after talks fail
bullet December 11th 2009
ONR unions call for action to keep Timmins smelter open
bullet December 10th 2009
CN Rail, union continue talks beyond deadline
bullet December 9th 2009
TSB calls for better railway warning signs
bullet December 6th 2009
Derailment, fire causing problems in Spy Hill
bullet December 5th 2009
Homes evacuated after CN train carrying propane derails
bullet December 2nd 2009
CN Rail strike settled as two sides reach agreement
bullet December 1st 2009
CN not interested in negotiating, union says
bullet December 1st 2009
CP makes prepayment to defined benefit pension plan
bullet December 1st 2009
CN Continues to Stall Settlement with Teamsters
bullet November 30th 2009
Ottawa moves quickly to end CN strike
bullet November 30th 2009
Ottawa to table back-to-work legislation
bullet November 30th 2009
CN made woman choose between job and son
bullet November 29th 2009
Engineers hope strike drives settlement
bullet November 29th 2009
TCRC Offers Possible Solution to End Strike at CN Railway
bullet November 28th 2009
CN Strike won't hit commuters in the Montreal region
bullet November 27th 2009
Talks Between the TCRC and CN are in a Deadlock
bullet November 27th 2009
TSB to investigate CN derailment in southern B.C.
bullet November 27th 2009
Teamsters campaign to organize Challenger's workers
bullet November 25th 2009
CN Locomotive Engineers Forced to Initiate Strike Action
bullet November 23rd 2009
No further talks scheduled with CN Locomotive Engineers
bullet November 14th 2009
James R. Hoffa Memorial Scholarship Fund 2010 -2011
bullet November 14th 2009
CN crew resting at home after hitting a rock/mud slide
bullet November 12th 2009
Retirement Security - Or work till you drop dead?
bullet November 12th 2009
Teamsters fight to save jobs at the HBC distribution centre
bullet November 11th 2009
A Day of Remembrance
bullet November 10th 2009
Via to reduce northern Manitoba service
bullet November 6th 2009
Teamsters John Rutter recognized as Driver of the Year
bullet November 3rd 2009
Shares in Canadian railways jump on Buffet news
bullet November 1st 2009
Trains collide east of Revelstoke
bullet October 28th 2009
Division 660 launches new website
bullet October 28th 2009
Teamsters Union participates in the national pension forum
bullet October 27th 2009
Pension reforms get tepid response from pensioners
bullet October 25th 2009
Rail's 150-year wait for safety
bullet October 23rd 2009
Tories spend $46,000 to turn GO Trains into rolling ads
bullet October 21st 2009
Pensioners demand government ACTION NOW!

bullet October 21st 2009
U.S. safety board issues wake-up call on sleep disorder

bullet October 19th 2009
Long road to recovery for Canadian railways

bullet October 19th 2009
City's effort to keep short line railway beyond 2010

bullet October 16th 2009
Teamsters support demands of Nortel Retirees’

bullet October 16th 2009
Teamsters plan a demonstration in Ottawa for October 21

bullet October 15th 2009
LMR freight trains rolling between Davidson and Regina

bullet October 13th 2009
Greater industrial security expected at 2010 Games

bullet October 6th 2009
Rail link to Pearson gets green light, with strict conditions

bullet October 6th 2009
TCRC/CN talks resume

bullet October 2nd 2009
Quebec-Windsor corridor populated enough for fast train

bullet September 28th 2009
TCRC, CN negotiations adjourn

bullet September 26th 2009
$400M rail tunnel on track

bullet September 25th 2009
CP Rail sees opportunities in the downturn

bullet September 24th 2009
TCRC/CN optimistic about talks

bullet September 22nd 2009
Railways see gradual recovery after few shipments & layoffs

bullet September 17th 2009
Crown corporation cutting costs

bullet September 14th 2009
Teamsters launch campaign to organize FedEx workers

bullet September 9th 2009
CP puts coal in stocking

bullet September 9th 2009
Unionists call for public action on Greyhound bus cuts

bullet September 4th 2009
CN wants to reduce producer car loading sites

bullet August 28th 2009
Canadian rail companies getting tough new rules to track maintenance issues

bullet August 28th 2009
2009 Labour Day Message

bullet August 26th 2009
CP Rail freight train catches fire near McLean

bullet August 26th 2009
Taxpayers win! CP Rail ordered to pay for overpass

bullet August 17h 2009
VIA passengers demand answers after locomotive fire

bullet August 17h 2009
Judge in BC Rail trial steps down

bullet August 14th 2009
Former Canadian VP J.W. “Wes” Lyster, 1923-2009

bullet August 11th 2009
GO Transit expansion plans to Guelph are good news

bullet August 10th 2009
NSTB - Railroad Accident Animation

bullet August 9th 2009
Fix rail line or lose it: Huron Central

bullet August 8th 2009
Chrétien Liberals had plans for fast rail: Documents

bullet July 31st 2009
Metrolinx completes initial assessment of GO's expansion

bullet July 31st 2009
Unions call for ONTC to take over Huron Central

bullet July 29th 2009
Memorial for 2006 derailment victims unveiled

bullet July 26th 2009
Via Rail strike sees swift end

bullet July 26th 2009
TCRC and VIA Rail agree to final and binding arbitration

bullet July 24th 2009
TCRC forced to take strike action at Via Rail Inc

bullet July 24th 2009
Strike hits Via Rail

bullet July 22nd 2009
TCRC issues 72 hour strike notice at VIA Rail Inc.

bullet July 20th 2009
CN outlook a sign economy on mend

bullet July 16th 2009
Ottawa spends $300M for rail corridor upgrades

bullet July 15th 2009
Fears grow CN could close ex-BC rail lines

bullet July 14th 2009
Two dead in DM&E derailment

bullet July 10th 2009
CN says ready to meet with Teamsters, conciliators

bullet July 7th 2009
Rail reality grows with Hydro's revelation

bullet July 7th 2009
Irvings get $18M for railway upgrades

bullet July 7th 2009
Via Rail ready for high-speed trains: CEO

bullet July 6th 2009
Teck coal rate decision hits CP Rail's shares

bullet July 2nd 2009
Slumping economy forces Canadian Pacific Railway layoffs

bullet July 2nd 2009
Bouvier delivers much-appreciated speech

bullet June 30th 2009
Remarkable address given by James P. Hoffa

bullet June 29th 2009
New rules respecting minimum qualification standards

bullet June 28th 2009
Hundreds take advantage of new Niagara Falls-Toronto train

bullet June 23rd 2009
CNR was called 21 minutes before the derailment

bullet June 23rd 2009
Government slammed over missing emails in BC Rail case

bullet June 20th 2009
Huge blaze leaves 1 dead after CN derails near Chicago

bullet June 19th 2009
Unions say ONR should take over OVR & Huron Central

bullet June 18th 2009
CN, Teamsters await Ottawa's decision on conciliator

bullet June 16th 2009
Short line railway will cease Sault-Sudbury operations

bullet June 16th 2009
Amended TDG Act comes into force

bullet June 12th 2009
TCRC will carefully study TSB report on Lillooet accident

bullet June 12th 2009
BLET, UTU file joint petition to prohibit one-person crews

bullet June 12th 2009
TSB officials plan ‘thorough’ report into derailment

bullet June 7th 2009
VIA Rail ready for high-speed trains: CEO

bullet June 7th 2009
Cleanup begins at Oshawa derailment

bullet June 5th 2009
Oshawa residents evacuated after massive train derailment

bullet June 3rd 2009
Railway waited five hours to report diesel spill - ministry

bullet June 2nd 2009
Transport Canada puts the brakes on ACR operations

bullet May 29th 2009
Conductor's heroism cited in gov't report

bullet May 28th 2009
CN cost-cutting blamed for deadly derailment

bullet May 25th 2009
Here's a smarten-up plan for corporate officials

bullet May 25th 2009
Officer in train-van crash called 'hero'

bullet May 25th 2009
CN to pay $1.8M for derailments in B.C. and Alberta

bullet May 21st 2009
No light in sight for railways

bullet May 18th 2009
U.S. court allows lawsuit against CPR over derailment

bullet May 15th 2009
TCRC submission to HRSDC
bullet May 14th 2009
Think tanker, not pipe: CN

bullet May 9th 2009
CLC's Joel Harden interviewed about the pension crisis

bullet May 8th 2009
Workers of the World Relax

bullet May 7th 2009
Engines put in path of train carrying hazardous materials

bullet May 7th 2009
Federal funding sought for new rail tunnel

bullet May 5th 2009
Pension changes would increase risk for workers

bullet May 5th 2009
Moncton firm inks $104.7M rail deals

bullet April 30th 2009
CP Rail eyes link to access U.S. South

bullet April 28th 2009
Teamsters Canada fighting for Pension Reform

bullet April 28th 2009
Day of Mourning statement 2009

bullet April 27th 2009
CP trains across North America pause for day of mourning

bullet April 21st 2009
"Today is NOT the day you die at work!"

bullet April 21st 2009
NDP demands government action on pension protection

bullet April 21st 2009
CN names new CEO

bullet April 20th 2009
The economics, and politics, of auto workers' wages

bullet April 17th 2009
Federal pension forum draws packed house

bullet April 16th 2009
Rail safety audit finds flaws

bullet April 15th 2009
'Gordon Campbell can't be trusted': Carole James

bullet April 9th 2009
CN plans oil sands 'pipeline on rail'

bullet April 9th 2009
GO Transit to pay $160 million for CN rail line

bullet April 8th 2009
TSB Recommendations re: Accident in Pincourt, Québec

bullet April 6th 2009
National Steel Car workers walk off job at Ontario plant

bullet April 3rd 2009
Flood threat closes Manitoba rail line

bullet April 2nd 2009
Teamsters take part in the consultations on pension reform

bullet April 1st 2009
Report details how Fraser River rail crash happened

bullet April 1st 2009
Lack of management training blamed for B.C. derailment

bullet March 31st 2009
CP Rail braces as flood moves in

bullet March 28th 2009
Masse, CP at odds over inspector layoffs

bullet March 24th 2009
Canadian National getting back on the rails

bullet March 24th 2009
TSB final report into the 2007 Derailment in Trail B.C.

bullet March 23rd 2009
Red River floods disrupt rail shipments of grain

bullet March 21st 2009
CN Rail lays off conductors in Kamloops

bullet March 21st 2009
Train derailed at Colborne

bullet March 19th 2009
Rail Traffic ‘May be Bottoming’

bullet March 19th 2009
Unions balk at cries for pension reform

bullet March 17th 2009
Canada needs laws to protect private pensions

bullet March 17th 2009
Better, faster train service coming

bullet March 13th 2009
Teamsters Canada amendment passes House Committee on Transport

bullet March 12th 2009
Canadian Pacific pension and funding

bullet March 9th 2009
Short-line rail good Hamilton investment

bullet March 7th 2009
Campbell haunted by BC Rail deal

bullet March 6th 2009
Bill Gates concentrates his bets: Canadian National Railway

bullet March 5th 2009
Teamsters submit memorandum on Dangerous Goods Act

bullet March 3rd 2009
B.C. Rail bids known: CP

bullet March 2nd 2009
Wabamun residents unhappy with CN charge

bullet March 1st 2009
Our 1856 link to Pearson airport

bullet February 24th 2009
Harper not a fan of high-speed rail link

bullet February 24th 2009
Thief steals CSX locomotive from siding

bullet February 24th 2009
Supreme Court to rule on pivotal freight forwarding case

bullet February 21st 2009
Hell on the rails could happen yet again

bullet February 20th 2009
Government releases study on work stoppages

bullet February 18th 2009
Selling the gun to pay for the bullets

bullet February 17th 2009
GO Transit gets $500M boost

bullet February 17th 2009
CP to shut rail yard

bullet February 13th 2009
 “Suck It Up Buttercup" Fred Green to CAW 101 members

bullet February 12th 2009
Nanticoke derailment forces evacuation

bullet February 10th 2009
CANDO Rail Services Employees Choose TCRC!

bullet February 10th 2009
Opinion: Entitlement among the titans

bullet February 8th 2009
CTA upholds U.S. railway's interswitching deal

bullet February 6th 2009
Enough union bashing

bullet February 6th 2009
Communiqué to CP Pensioners and plan members

bullet February 5th 2009
Teamsters Rail Conference propose re-focusing NMB

bullet February 2nd 2009
EJ&E sale to Canadian National official

bullet January 29th 2009
Teamsters Canada’s position on the federal budget

bullet January 29th 2009
UP turns rail yard training into virtual reality

bullet January 27th 2009
CP Rail offering shows pension deficit soared
bullet January 27th 2009
TCRC Electronic Communications Policy
bullet January 27th 2009
CP Rail rises despite lower 4Q profits
bullet January 26th 2009
Train derailed in Canmore
bullet January 26th 2009
AMT trains back on schedule for evening rush hour
bullet January 22nd 2009
CN Rail boosts dividend as Q4 earnings fall
bullet January 22nd 2009
AMT looks to buy train line from CN
bullet January 21st 2009
Project to expand GO and build rail link to Pearson Airport
bullet January 20th 2009
Rail infrastructure investment - We are ready to move
bullet January 20th 2009
CP Freight train derails in Chicago
bullet January 19th 2009
There’s light at the end of the tunnel, AMT says
bullet January 15th 2009
Railways positioned for long-term growth
bullet January 15th 2009
GO trades blames as freezing commuters fume
bullet January 12th 2009
CN pension consent: Good News!
bullet January 9th 2009
Workers of GO Transit in Toronto join Teamsters Union
bullet January 9th 2009
It's the economy - Make it work for us!
bullet December 29th 2008
CN train derails in Quebec, causing propane leak
bullet December 29th 2008
CN, CPR told to pay $68M for exceeding revenue caps
bullet December 29th 2008
CN’s Harrison has master plan for North American railways
bullet December 29th 2008
B.C. port shipments threatened as strike looms
bullet December 19th 2008
Unionism has never been as relevant as in 2008
bullet December 19th 2008
Derailment update: Tracks reopen; investigation begins
bullet December 19th 2008
Budget must focus on jobs and help for unemployed
bullet December 17th 2008
Increased risk for switching fatalities around the holidays
bullet December 17th 2008
CP Rail cuts 600 union jobs, newspaper reports
bullet December 16th 2008
Those 10 missing trains? Blame CP's freight traffic
bullet December 13th 2008
Court in favour of reduced freight rates
bullet December 12th 2008
GO says it aims to improve
bullet December 12th 2008
Cause of train derailment still under investigation
bullet December 10th 2008
Last scheduled train stops in Hanna

bullet December 6th 2008
Labour reacts to the shutdown of Parliament

bullet December 5th 2008
The time for politicking is over

bullet November 27th 2008
Open letter to all new TCRC members at NQT
bullet November 26th 2008
Exhaust from rail diesel linked to lung ailments
bullet November 26th 2008
No injuries in train fire
bullet November 26th 2008
CWB begins movement of grains to east coast early
bullet November 25th 2008
Railways report "record" year in 2007
bullet November 25th 2008
CN disappointed in appeal court ruling sanctioning CTA grain rate reduction
bullet November 21st 2008
WNY&P shortline workers say YES to BLET
bullet November 20th 2008
CP Rail CEO buys shares – Insiders
bullet November 18th 2008
CN inches its way towards Chicago settlement
bullet November 17th 2008
CP May Delay Plans for Oil-Sands Track
bullet November 13th 2008
CP Rail will not offer 2009 earnings forecast 
bullet November 12th 2008
CN hopes to save deal for U.S. track 
bullet November 11th 2008
Charest asks for high-speed rail link at ministers' meeting 
bullet November 7th 2008
CN awaits word on rail line buy
bullet November 7th 2008
Montreal-Two Mountains rail line still not on track
bullet November 6th 2008
TSB safety action taken to prevent rail accidents
bullet November 3rd 2008
CN acquires three rail subsidiaries and ferry operation of Quebec Railway Corp.
bullet October 31st 2008
TCRC certification on Northern Québec Territory
bullet October 29th 2008
CLC boycotts Petro-Canada
bullet October 29th 2008
Ontario Northland in play for CN and CP?