CN Negotiation Update 15

26 November 2019 - Brothers and Sisters;Your Union Negotiating Committee is happy to announce negotiations of a Memorandum of Settlement has been concluded. We will forward the details as quickly as possible. 

The return to work protocol

The return to work protocol becomes effective at 06:00 27 November 2019. Members may return to work as soon as 14:00 this afternoon, if they wish.

We have concluded another all night session. We will need a few hours of rest before we do anything else.

Your Negotiating Committee thanks every member for the support and hard work they put into the strike.

In Solidarity,

R.S. Donegan, General Chairperson
J. Lennie, General Chairperson CTY Central
Alain Gatien, General Chairman CTY-E
J. Hyde, General Chairman