Useful Links



bullet Canadian Railway Office of Arbitration
bullet Canadian Railway Arbitration Awards


Your Rights, Health & Safety

bullet TCRC- Railway declared emergency report
bullet TCRC Record of your right to refuse
bullet Your right to refuse dangerous work
bullet What is Bill C-45?
bullet The horror of Westray
bullet Brotherhood's Relief and Compensation Fund (BRCF)
bullet National Day of Mourning for workers killed and injured on the job
bullet Canada Labour Code
bullet Occupational Health & Safety CCOHS
bullet Canadian human rights commission
bullet Deadheading by taxi during hazardous weather
bullet Biomechanics of walking on railroad ballast
bullet Extreme hot or cold temperature conditions
bullet Heat stress awareness guide
bullet Cold weather workers safety guide
bullet Questions and answers on bottled water



bullet Canadian Labour Congress
bullet Labour Links (Directory)
bullet Canadian Labour History
bullet LabourStart
bullet International Confederation of Free Trade Unions
bullet Global Unions
bullet AFL-CIO



bullet Privacy Commissioner of Canada
bullet Privacy information


Railway Fatigue

bullet Fatigue and railway life
bullet Work/Rest Rules
bullet BLET reference manual of railroad worker fatigue
bullet BLET fatigue fact sheet


Railway Legislation

bullet Acts
bullet Regulations
bullet Rules
bullet Orders
bullet Circulars



bullet Transport Canada - Rail
bullet Canada Industrial Relations Board
bullet Railway Association of Canada


Other Resources

bullet North American Railway Foundation
bullet Operation Lifesaver
bullet Canadian Legal Information Institute
bullet Public News Archives
bullet Public Company Documents
bullet Canada Revenue Agency
bullet Inflation calculator
bullet Statistics Canada


Teamster Websites:

bullet Teamsters Canada
bullet TCRC - MWED
bullet Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers and Trainmen
bullet Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers and Trainmen - Legislative
bullet International Brotherhood of Teamsters


TCRC General Committee Websites:

bullet TCRC General Committee Trainmen Canadian Pacific East
bullet TCRC General Committee Locomotive Engineers Canadian Pacific East
bullet TCRC General Committee of Adjustment Canadian Pacific West
bullet TCRC General Committee Central Region
bullet TCRC General Committee VIA
bullet TCRC Rail Traffic Controllers