CN issued tablets being used to track off-duty employees

Tuesday August 8, 2023

To All CN Division Presidents, Local Chairs and Legislative Representatives,

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Please ensure the wide distribution of this message among the members within your divisions. We have become aware that CN is utilizing the geographical tracking functionalities of the tablets issued by CN to monitor the whereabouts of employees even during their off-duty hours when they have the tablet in their possession.

We strongly recommend that our members leave their CN-issued tablets either in their lockers or hand them over to their immediate supervisors (if charging is necessary) upon completing their shift. It is advised not to carry these tablets while off duty.

Please be aware that carrying the tablet home with you does not imply consent for this form of electronic surveillance, nor does it shield you from this form of personal intrusion.

The TCRC is presently seeking legal counsel to pursue corrective measures for this breach of privacy. In the meantime, please take the necessary steps to safeguard your personal information.

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Thank you, in solidarity.

Alain Gatien
Jim Lennie
Ray Donegan
Jean-Michel Hallé
Mark Kernaghan
KC James

Paul Boucher
Don Ashley