Group Benefits Program During CN Strike

Due to the existing situation at CN RAIL, your Union Executive have retained Canadian Benefits to provide a Health and Welfare claim service for Members and their dependents covering certain emergency services. Please read the following carefully.

With the co-operation of Canadian Benefits, a Group Benefits Consulting and Administration firm located in Toronto, we have established a self-funded benefits program which will provide coverage for certain “Emergency Only” type services such as dental and extended healthcare.      

Temporary Group Benefits Program

Enclosed you will find a more detailed description of coverage available along with a claim form. Should you have a claim, you must complete a claim form and attach your original receipts/invoices and your claim to Canadian Benefits.

Canadian Benefits will administer this “temporary” Group Benefits Program. As Plan Administrator, Canadian Benefits will be responsible for handling the full spectrum of this program. Canadian Benefits will work in conjunction with the Union Office and coordinate any claims.

Should you have any questions regarding coverage or how to submit a claim you may contact your Union Office or Lynn Cross, Canadian Benefits at (416) 488-7755 or toll free 1-800-269-0285 ext. 225.