Julie Ann Johnson

We are truly saddened by Ann's departure. Despite the rapid progression of her illness over the past few months, she has kept a positive attitude and remained strong. Over the past 7 years we have come to know a very dedicated and rigorous person in her work. I sincerely believe that she was appreciated by all who knew her, she will be missed.

Jean-Michel Hallé

Julie Ann Johnson , 1962 - 2021

On October 15, 2021, according to her wishes, on the banks of the St. Lawrence River, at her residence in Lévis where she lived happily with her spouse, the late Gilles Poirier, passed away serenely at the age of 59 years and 7 months, Ms. Julie Ann Johnson, originally from Thetford Mines.

She joined her husband Gilles, her mother Lucille P. Johnson and her sister Louise Johnson.

She is survived by her father William James Johnson, her sister Lyn Johnson and her brother David Johnson (Vicky Mathieu), her hairy companion Mika as well as her cousins, cousins ​​and many friends.

Mr. Johnson would like to thank all the friends who have accompanied Julie Ann relentlessly, with love and generosity. By their words of encouragement, their warm presence, their unwavering support and mutual humor, they together enveloped Julie Ann in serenity to allow her passage in love.

Throughout her life, she has met inspiring people from a variety of cultures and backgrounds, “her gangs” as she called them, and who have contributed to her personal and professional empowerment. To name a few: The ARRA Equestrian Gang (Mona-Lise Doyon, Lucie Bégin, the late Ti-Jean Paré, Guylaine Otis, Guylaine Carrier, Guylaine Daudier, Lucie Roberge, Andrée Lessard and the Foy and All Saints' Day, etc.); the Gang of Notre-Dame de Bellevue College (Marie-Josée Potvin, Hélène Carmichael, Hélène Daigle, Diane Vermette, Danielle Simard, Ginette Picard, Annie Jolin, Andrée Letarte, Johanne Rancourt, Anne Perron, etc.); the New Mexico French Summer School Gang (Maïte Monchal, Michèle Fages, Francois-Léon Hoffman, Dr. Jacques Bourgeac, Roger Giesshmerre, Jean-Michel (French consulate), Claire-Lise Benaud, Jim and Pat Griswold, Crazy John, Sarah Wallace, Patrick Sylvester, etc.); the Ottawa / Hull Gang, federal government (Johanne Marquis and Vincent Bouhéret, Grand Princess Magalie and Little Princess Marilou, Danièle Goulet, Dominique Richer and Philippe Morel, Louise Lajoie, Sieur de la Bouvette, Roger Chaput, Pascale Robichaud, Christian and Noah Fauthoux, Danielle Carrier, Bill and Jesse Norton, etc.); the Montreal gang (Ginette Tremblay, Feu Nicole Massicotte, Feu Robert (Bob) Martimbeault, etc.); the French gang (Ève Catois, Maud Bothereau, Monique Leduc, Philippe Ménudier and Tatiana, Nicole Fauthoux, etc.); the Quebec gang (France Auger and André, Christiane Renaud and Pierre Langlais, Mimi and Hélène Renaud, etc.); the Saint Romuald gang (Paula and Sam, Hélène and Jean-Yves, Antonine and Zoé, etc.),

True to her passion for bringing people together, she invites her family and friends to a festive celebration in order to honor, through encounter and reconciliation, her deeply humanist values. The meeting will take place on Saturday, October 23 at 10 a.m. at Christ-Church Cemetery (Lower Ireland) 715, Route 216 (Chemin Craig) St-Jean-de-Brébeuf.

Julie Ann would appreciate that sympathy for the family translates into donations (on site) dedicated to the upkeep of Christ Church Cemetery (Lower Ireland) or donations to the Thetford Mines Region Hospital Foundation. http://www.fondationhopitalregionthetford.ca

The funeral management has been entrusted to Maison Gamache & Nadeau, member of the Corporation des thanatologues du Québec.