Fallen Brothers

Our thought and prayers go to our Brothers’ families and friends who are going through the most difficult of times. Below is a go fund me link to support our Brothers’ families.  Please join me, as many of you already have, in donating what you can. 

Laggan Relief Fund

We are railway employees out of Calgary and we all worked with Daniel Waldenberger-Bulmer, Andy Dockrell (Doc), and Dylan Paradis, on a daily basis. We need to do all we can to take care of these men's families. The funds raised are 100% going to go to their families to help them with whatever they need. The funds will be distributed with the Unions involvement to ensure that this is done fairly.

Please donate to help the families of the employees that have passed away on the Field hill. Anything that will help them through this difficult time, and afterwards, will be greatly appreciated.


“Our hearts and our deepest condolences go out to the victims’ loved ones and co-workers. Our union and its 125,000 members stand with them in mourning,” said François Laporte, president of Teamsters Canada.

“Today, our focus is on this accident as well as the victims’ friends and families. But moving forward, the government and the rail industry will have to recognize that something is wrong and change is needed. Eight workplace fatalities in a little over a year is not something that should be expected or accepted,” said Lyndon Isaack, President of the TCRC.