Letter from TCRC President Isaak (Duty and Rest Period Rules)

November 26, 2020 - Dear Sisters and Brothers,  As I’m sure most of you are now aware, Transport Canada released the Duty and Rest Period Rules late yesterday. After an initial review we were extremely disappointed and concerned with some of the content contained and issues that were completely overlooked or not addressed.  

Our Frustration and Concerns

Together with our Lobbyist from Teamsters Canada, Miriam Abou-Dib, Brother Ashley and I had a conference call this morning with the Director General of Transport Canada and his team to express our frustration and concerns. We received a commitment from Transport Canada that a letter of clarification will be created to address perceived ambiguity and some other issues. In regards to the points in Minister Garneau’s Ministerial Order of December 20, 2018 that were not addressed in the Duty and Rest Period Rules, Transport Canada assured us that these points will be covered off in the development of regulations for a fatigue risk management system, which will also further address risks from fatigue.

The timeline for implementation of the revised Duty and Rest Period rules is 30 months. I ask for your patience as we wait on clarification and further information from Transport Canada.

PDF version of this letter...

In solidarity,

Lyndon Isaak
President – TCRC